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May 30, 2007


Annette Hayward

Wow! I am very impressed to have had my book mentioned on a blog read mainly by business consultants! And perhaps even more impressed at how well Jim managed to summarize the book, even though it is far outside his field. He didn't mention, however, that the organization of the conclusion to that book came in part from a telephone conversation I had with him quite a long time ago, where I tried to summarize the whole literary quarrel for him, thus obliging myself to organize the information.

Perhaps the moral to this story, then, is that it is sometimes very useful to talk to people outside our own little field of expertise in order to see things more clearly.

I felt that very strongly again today, when I opened this blog and came upon the article about "Synchronizing". I just attended a very difficult departmental meeting (another field of definite expertise for academics!), and that article did me a world of good. I have yet to figure out whether there is anything I can do about the situation, but in the meantime I'm going to concentrate on the positive, of which there is certainly lots in my life at the moment. But it's so easy to lose focus, and concentrate only on the negative. So double thanks, Jim, for your support and your wisdom.

(P.S.: Funny, I never thought of myself as having gone to school in a small town in Newfoundland. Guess that's because it's one of the biggest towns in Newfoundland, although I guess it's a small town from an outside perspective. Just goes to show! :-) )

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