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June 09, 2006

The Cloud Theory

Cloudtheory In setting strategy, we need to have an overall vision or overall goal.  My idea comes from the theory of Alfred Adler who talked about motivation and said the human organism is motivated to goal.  Without a goal, the organism will cease.  Therefore our psychology always keep the goal just out of reach.  Thus he said we keep our goal "dimly envisaged".  Thus that is my cloud.  It is a dimly envisaged goal. Understanding the goal and the boundaries that would create a strategy.  Then we decide on the next few steps to take us closer to the goal.  Then we embark of the first 100 day project.  At the end of that project we evaluate how we are doing towards the goal.   How does it feel and have we made improvement?  That gives us an opportunity to alter the next project slightly.  It is a strategic but incremental approach.  A diagram will help here.


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